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The erotica section is the backbone of the site. This section includes stories written by our authors as well as posts from around the web, gathered and culled to bring you the best in written perversion. Check out the most recent post on the right or head over to the archive to view older stories. We are always looking for new authors to post their work so contact us today if you are interested in becoming an author today!

My Fantastic Freshman Experience

My Perverted Stories Presents: My Fantastic Freshman Experience Story By: Guest McGuest   (Names changed for privacy)   So let me start this off by saying I’m bi, I have an underwear fetish, and that going into college I had never had sex. Ok so backstory: No one I knew from highschool was going to go to the same college as me so I had to go with a random roommate

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Amateur Pictures

The amateur picture section houses the latest pictures from around the internet. We know that sometimes you don’t want to see an airbrushed model you want to see the girl next door, the babysitter, or the MILF down the street. We curate a collection of the latest amateur pictures from the hottest places on the internet including Reddit’s Gonewild forum. Check out the most recent picture to the right or head over to the amateur picture section to see the various pictures we have collected.

Hope you enjoy!!

My Perverted Stories Presents: Hope you enjoy!! We are happy to bring you another post from Big Boobs GW on Reddit. This post was originally posted on July 18, 2018 8:59 am and was imported onto our site. If you enjoy this post be sure to check out the original and let the poster know what you think or post a comment below.   Hope you enjoy!! ( submitted by

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Picture Submissions

Picture submissions are a collection of pictures culled from those submitted by the readers as well as a number of regular submitters including The Witch, The Doctor, The Enchantress, and My Wife. All of these pictures are original content and are available for you to enjoy. Few the most recent picture on the right or head on over to the picture submission section to view past posts. We are always looking for more pictures to add to our collection so feel free to submit yourself as well!

6-5-18 – The Witch

Tags: amateur, amateur boobs, amateur breasts, Amateur Picture, amateur tits, big boobs, big breasts, big tits, Boobs, breasts, picture, Picture Submission, submission, The Witch, Tits, Witch Related posts The Enchantress – Gallery (0) The Reader – Gallery (0) Subscriptions (0) Submit Yourself (0) Picture Submissions (0)


The video session focuses on a collection of curated adult content videos from around the web and brought to you here for free. Videos in the adult video section are published around once a week. Check out the most recent video on the right or head over to the video section to see past videos published on the site.

Innocent Redhead Bound and Used

Tags: bdsm, Blowjob, bondage, bound, fucktoy, Missionary, redhead, Rough Sex, tied, used Related posts Transitions: Witnesses, Ch. 3 (Excerpt) (0) Transformations: Witnesses, Ch. 1 and Ch. 2 (Excerpt) (0)


This section includes all of the adult and erotic comics that we collect and curate on the site. These comics are adult content and should not be viewed by anyone who is opposed to such content. Comic sources include Shadbase, a well-known adult content creator known for pushing the line and providing both quality and occasionally disturbing comics of an adult nature.

Merula Snyde Animated (176 Comments)

Merula Snyde Animated (176 Comments) Skudbutt made a Merula Model and some animations, based on this previous pic I did of her.   View More at Shadbase My Perverted Stories does not claim ownership of any adult comic found on the site. Original ownership and copyright remain with the author. The views and opinions of the author do not necessarily represent the views of this site and its authors. Tags:

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