Anniversary Lovin’

By Stephanie Goncalves|January 27, 2016|Post Type, Short Story|

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About Stephanie Goncalves

I remember the first time I started writing. It came to me easily during a creative writing class in high school and while others had difficulty in doing the work, my imagination ran wild. By the end of the class, I had finished my first short story. Years later, I would come to realize which genre captivated me the most. That point in my life happened when I picked up my first erotic novel, Addicted, by Zane. After reading many of her pieces and others as well, I was inspired to write my own. At first, it was just a hobby, something to pass the time while I was alone. I came across a page on Instagram one day that caught my eye. Women dressed provocatively in black and white photos, seducing the men. Immediately, I got an idea. I began to write my stories based on the photos I seen and created my pieces that way. After sharing them through my social networks, many people became interested and requested for more, supporting my work. As I wrote continuously, I began to realize just what I wanted to do. Write erotic short stories. It took many encouragements and persuasions on my part before I decided to pursue any further. Today, I now have my own blog site and people throughout the world reading my pieces and enjoying them. Nothing can explain the thrill and pure delight I feel knowing others love what I do, appreciating the pieces I share. I thank all the readers who support me and many others on what we do. It is definitely the push I need to drive myself to continue to write and put it out there. Thank you.