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Good Afternoon Readers

I am sorry to say that I do not have a ready for of the week. I will spare you the sob and simply say that I am having family troubles at this time and have been otherwise occupied.

I will promise to have a story of the week ready for next week. In the meantime enjoy this blast from the past, one of the first stories I ever wrote.


“No rest for the weary.” she said quietly Alexis sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose in a vain attempt to rub some of the tiredness out of her system. After a 16 hour shift she was ready to go home and crawl into bed for the next 10 years. Sadly that wasn’t really an option since she had to be up and at at 7’o’clock the next morning.

After nearly 4 years with the FBI’s biocontainment lab without a promotion she was starting to wonder where this career was actually going. It wasn’t that she didn’t like the work, each case was unique and interesting it was just that she really needed more money to pay off her student loans then the government was paying these days. After all medical school and a doctorate in biology hadn’t come cheap.

“So tell me what you think Dr. Longman.” said a voice from behind her.

“Ah Director Prescott I didn’t hear you come in.” said Alexis nervously, she tried to pretend that she had not just jumped like a frightened field mouse. Dr. Prescott has the nasty habit of jumping out of the shadows, a pastime he desperately enjoyed, much to the chagrin of his employees. “This is a really weird specimen.” she said looking through the glass containment case at the section of preserved tissue contained within.

“How so?” said Director Prescott quietly.

“Well on the surface it seems to be a regular tentacle, much like that you would find on many invertebrates, like an octopus for example…” Alexis started uncertainly

“Except?” asked Director Prescott

“Well except for a lot of things, for one thing the muscles are extremely densely layered, to the point that one tentacle may well be able to lift over 200 lbs. Another thing is that this part at the end appears to have some sort of combination between a tongue and a urethra, it way well be this organism’s penis.” Alexis continued

“A penis that can lift over 200 lbs?” said the Director incredulously

“And another thing, this appendage was severed at the end we have no idea how long it is in reality, it could have gone on for a few more inches or a few more feet for all we know. What’s more is that unlike the tentacles of an octopus or a squid this tentacle isn’t slimy like you would expect, it actually looks like it has regular skin on it. Where did you say this was found?” Asked Alexis

“Not to far from here actually.” said the Director “In a park about a mile from this building.”

“Bridge view?” asked Alexis “I walk through there every night on my way home.”

“Well I’m sure it was probably just some weird variety of squid crossbreed or something, nothing to worry about” said the director dismissively
“I sure hope so.” said Alexis to herself

“Now be sure to put this specimen back into cryo storage when you’re done with it, and don’t forget to lock up when you go.” said the director

“Yes sir.” said Alexis

Alexis replaced the specimen into the cryo locker, scrubbed down the lab table she had been working on and switched off the light on her way out. Deciding that she felt sweaty after working so long in the lab Alexis headed towards the faculty showers.

“Man it’s a good thing that I brought a change of clothes.” she said to herself

Stepping into the women’s room Alexis glanced around, the long rows of metal lockers and plain wood benches gleamed back at her with the high polish of a surface that had just been clean and the hint of chemicals in the air gave to room a clean and sterile feeling. During the working day the showers were usually packed as many of the staff took advantage of the faculties free and a great deal of the work done in the labs was labor intensive and a good was often required if you wanted to keep up a business like appearance.

“I guess there are some pluses to working late.” Alexis said to herself enjoying the solitude of the empty room “I have the showers all to myself.”

Removing her lab clothing Alexis paused to examine herself in the full length mirror attached to the end of one of the banks of lockers. Long hair coming down to the middle of her back helped to frame her heart shaped face and deep green eyes peeked out from between the lenses of a slim pair of rimless glasses, her skin was a soft white which was smooth and free of blemishes, years of constant exercise had hardened and toned her muscles giving her a lean appearance without robbing her of her curves, full round sat high on her chest sagging only slightly under their own weight with her pointing straight out, her wide hips led the eyes down invitingly to the full pouty lips of her pussy. Alexis had always kept her pussy cleanly shaven preferring the look and feel to the alternative. Turning sideways her eyes traveled over the full rounded curves of her and down the well toned thighs to her slim calves.

“I look pretty good considering I haven’t been to the gym in a month.” she thought to herself

Alexis adjusted the water to her liking and stepped into the stall and closed the heavy frosted glass door quietly behind her. She raised her head letting the water run down her body in rivulets between her breasts and down her back, pulling her hair out of its pony tail she squirted some of her shampoo into her hands before kneading it gently into her scalp. Feeling the tension drain away from between her shoulders she sighed in contentment. She reached for her other bottle and squirted out some of the body wash she favored rubbing it between her hands before starting to apply it to her body. Starting at the top and working her way down she started to scrub of the sweat and grime that a days worth of hard labor caused, before too long she began to pay special attention to her breasts and clit enjoying the feeling of her hands gliding over the slick flesh of her breasts she moaned to herself pinching her left nipple gently between her thumb and fore before sliding her index and middle inside her pussy. Alexis moaned at the sensation it had been so long since she had sex with anyone because of the long hours and erratic schedule that her job upon her and her celibacy had caused her pussy to become extremely tight so that even her slight fingers felt like a thick cock. Under her skilled hands Alexis was able to quickly bring herself to a climax. Sighing morosely and leaning against the wall of the shower stall she felt the slight twitches which always accompanied an start to dissipate under the water of the shower.

“Man I really need to get laid.” she thought to herself

Quickly rinsing the soap off Alexis stepped out of the water into the cold air of the locker room she giggled to herself as she used the palm of her hand to brush her nipples made erect by her recent sexual release and the cold air. Walking over to her locker she pulled out the matching black bra and thong pulling them on before toweling off her long hair and pulling it back into a ponytail. She donned a short black skirt and tight fitting white blouse which showed off her full C cup breasts to full advantage. Whistling a nameless tune to herself Alexis walked out of the room switching the light off behind her.

The park seemed especially menacing to Alexis that night in the light of what she had recently learned from the Director.

“I wonder if the creature which has spawned that tentacle is out there in the forest somewhere.” she thought to herself

Hearing footsteps behind her she glanced back and saw a giant of a man walk out from the darkness of the forest. Easily 8 feet tall the man was built like a linebacker but Alexis couldn’t tell much about how he looked because he was dressed in a long black trench coat which reached almost to the ground while his face was obscured by a wide brimmed hat which was pulled down.

“A beautiful night out isn’t it?” Alexis asked

The man stood silently for a second before stepping into the light and meeting Alexis’s eyes. She took a step backwards in horror; the man’s eyes lacked any kind of pupil and instead glowed with a malevolent red light. It grinned manically exposing long sharp teeth and a long tongue snaked out of its mouth.

“What are you?!” asked Alexis

For answer the creature opened its trench coat, while shaped roughly like a man with powerful well defined muscles nearly a dozen tentacles identical to the one still in the cryo locker in the lab seemed to be attached to its chest, her eyes widened as she saw that its penis was enormous easily two feet long and as thick as her fist was wide and it was already standing at full attention as the creature lustily examined her. Alexis’s first thought was to run but before she had made it more then a few steps before two of the tentacles shot out, wrapping around her thighs, she reached down to try and pull them off before two more shot out and wrapped around her wrists while another wrapped around her throat sending an unequivocal message about what would happen if she screamed.

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