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My name is Luke Ashwood. I am the owner and operator of My Perverted Stories and am the primary source for the majority of the content that is found on this site. In addition to writing and curating the website I have a number of other hobbies including woodworking, metalsmithing, leatherworking, stained glass, and various other creative endeavors.

I am a professional practicing in the field of mental health in the middle of nowhere and I write as a means to relieve my own stress and anxiety as well as to vent the drives that are otherwise difficult to give voice to. My writing is almost exclusively complete fiction and is not meant to convey any real experiences.

I am a husband to a wonderful and amazing woman, who occasionally lets me post pictures of her one the site, and a father to two perfect young women who are my entire world.

I welcome any and all feedback about my work, the site, or anything else that you have in mind so feel free to contact me with any needs.

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As the administrator and primary creative producer for the site I am available by email to answer any and all questions that you might have regarding the content of the site, subscription services or just general questions.

If you need an immediate answer check the FAQ to determine if your question has already been answered, otherwise use the form on the right to send me a message.

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