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Dillion's Day

Dillion’s day is an interactive adventure about a day in the life of an 18-year-old nympho. Follow her around as she goes about a day filled with the potential for erotic adventure and misadventure.

Dillion’s day is reasonably priced at just a single dollar. For less than a cup of coffee, you can have a permanent copy of this erotic adventure, yours to keep. Just click the button below to go directly to the store.

To purchase this story and start your adventure click on the link below and head directly to the product. Once you have checked out you will be provided with instructions on how to download your purchase. Simply open the file in a web browser to start your story.


What is an Interactive Story?

An is a one of a kind creation where your choices affect what happens in the story and can even affect the ending. Created using the versatile Twine platform each story is a one of a kind creation or erotic art that cannot be found anywhere else.

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What Format are Interactive Stories In?

The Twine platform exports stories into an HTML format. HTML is the same format that is used for web pages which means that if you can see this page you can play an . If your browser does not recognize it automatically simply right click on the file and open it using the web browser of your choice.

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