’s Adventures

  • Chapter 01 – Lilly Meets the

    Headmasters Office

    • Author: Nox661
    • Type: Straight
    • Lilly gets sent to the headmaster for not behaving like a proper young lady. Here she discovers that her school as a seedy underbelly that is teeming with sex. Lilly explores her sexuality and discovers that despite what her parents have told her, sex is a lot of fun!


  • Chapter 02 – Lilly Meets the Football Team


    • Author: Nox661
    • Type: Straight, Group, Lesbian
    • Lilly has to do some community services as part of her punishment for misbehaving in school. She is shocked to discover that her community services includes servicing the entire football team. Lilly makes friends with Alice during her ordeal.



  • Chapter 03 – Lilly and the Sorority


    • Author: Nox661
    • Type: Lesbian
    • Lilly and Alice get better acquainted in the showers before heading out to a party at the local lesbian sorority house. When alcohol begins to flow Lilly has some fun with some of the sisters and enjoys a threesome with Alice and another girl.




  • Chapter 04 – Lilly Gets Arrested


    • Author: Nox661
    • Type: Straight, Lesbian
    • Lilly has a little too much to drink after her fun at the sorority house and ends up getting caught up in a police raid. Lilly experiences some fun in the big house and makes some new friends.



  • Chapter 05 – Lilly’s First Date

    Movie Theatre

    • Author: Nox661
    • Type: Straight, Lesbian
    • Lilly finally gets to spend some time with Tom and has some fun trying on some new clothes before their date when a store employee joins Tom and Lilly in the dressing room. Lilly also gets to enjoy a , or at least she has some fun while a movie is playing.



  • Chapter 06 – Lilly Visits a Strip Club

    • Upcoming

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  1. Can someone please update Lily’s saga???

    1. I am glad you like it, I am working on one right now.

  2. When will chapter 6 be coming. They have been an awesome read so far

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