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This page is concerned with pictures which have been sent to the site to be shared with all of you. These pictures are different from the vignette section of the site in that there is no story attached to these posts, they are simply pictures of beautiful women. These pictures are primarily of my fucktoys and associates who are willing to have their pictures shared here on the site but we are always looking for submissions to be shared so consider sharing any pictures you might have.

I have to say that looking at all of my fucktoys in one spot really highlights the fact that I really enjoy women with big breasts. I don’t think I have fucked a woman below a C cup since I was in highschool… Though, don’t get me wrong, I love and value all breast sizes so if you are an A cup or a Z cup don’t hesitate to send us your pictures today.

The prime individuals who make up these posts are:

The Wife

Cup Size: E

The Wife, as the name implies, is my wife. She is about as perfect as a human being can get and she is the love of my life. Not only does she have a perfect body but she is more than willing to share it with anyone I deem worthy, which lucky for you includes the readers and members of my site.

My Wife’s pictures can be found across the site and have been posted to places such as r/gonewild on Reddit where they have done pretty well.

The Receptionist

Cup Size: DD

The Receptionist is a MILF that I used to work with who I have since stayed in contact with. Every bit of her oozes sexuality and beauty and she is the true definition of a MILF. What makes things better is that she is almost as kinky as I am and has agreed to let me post her pictures here from time to time for all of you to enjoy.

She is all kinds of fun and although I have not fucked her yet she is on my list of “must fucks” and hopefully I can take her off of that list and add her to my list of “have fucked” as soon as possible.

The Doctor

Cup Size: DD

The Doctor is a young woman who is currently attending medical school near where I am living at the moment. Having met online The Doctor quickly proved herself to be an obedient and inventive fuck toy who is up for just about anything.

Although not quite as kinky as The Fiance or The Receptionist The Doctor is well on her way to being the kind of woman every man dreams of.

The Enchantress

Cup Size: DD

The Enchantress is a livacious and deliciously beautiful young woman from my past who has… “reconnected” with me in recent times. Thankfully she is as beautiful (if not more so) than she was when I knew her previously and has been kind enough to allow me to post pictures of her both old and new. So look forward to a healthy mix of past and present from her.

The Witch

Cup Size: DD

You meet people in the oddest of places, while discussing my favorite ghost podcast in an online forum I connected with The Witch and discovered that not only does she live near me but she is about as twisted and perverted as I am. The Witch has some odd religious beliefs but her proclivity for BDSM and being tied up and fucked more than makes up for that fact.

The Reader

Cup Size: Various

The reader is all of you! These are the pictures from various individuals who have used the picture submission page and submitted themselves to the site. We make no claims on the authenticity of these pictures, we take people at their word if they say it is them, and these pictures are for purely entertainment purposes.

Click on the link to the right to see a listing of the most recent pictures which have been submitted and approved onto the site.

Do you like looking at pictures of beautiful naked women? Do you like having your picture shown to strangers over the internet? Then head on over to the submission page right away and you can have your picture up here on the site as soon as possible! We would love to see your beautiful body and value all body types.

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