Lilly's Adventures


Lilly’s Adventures – This is a short story collection featuring the first 5 chapters of the Lilly series, the stories that started it all.


Lilly’s Adventures

This is the written and edited form of the Lilly’s Adventures . This pdf includes the first 5 chapters of the completely original collection featuring the and sexually inexperienced Lilly as she explores the seedy underbelly of her school and her town. This includes the chapters”

Chapter 01: Lilly Meets the Headmaster——————————————————————–

Chapter 02: Lilly Meets the Football Team—————————————————————–

Chapter 03: Lilly Meets the Sorority————————————————————————-

Chapter 04: Lilly Meets the Cops—————————————————————————-

Chapter 05: Lilly Starts Dating——————————————————————————-
Now you no longer need to be a premium member in order to enjoy the story that started the all those years ago.

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