The Exchange Student

Version 2.0 of a classic story, “The Exchange Student”, is now available for purchase! This is an enhanced version of the original story. All of the old with a ton of new can now be yours for only a single dollar, less than a cup of coffee. The enhancement process includes a thorough editing process which smooths out the stories rough edges while also adding new parts and themes to improve the story. This version the story is available nowhere else and spans over 20 pages! Check out a sample of the story below.



I don’t know how I get myself into these situations, I start out with the best of intentions but they always turn on me in the end, and the exchange student fiasco was no exception to this rule.

Now, when I signed up to host an exchange student I was expecting a geeky teenage boy, or maybe an awkward chubby girl going through her awkward phase. Not… her.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing actually wrong with her, in fact I would say that her perfection is the problem. Hailey is… well, perfect. Unlike so many of the girls I see around town, gangly clumsy teens still growing into their bodies, Hailey might as well star in a documentary about the best case outcomes for puberty! Built like a pornstar, she had been blessed with full luscious breasts that, through some combination of youth and possible gravity-defying magic, managed to stay perky and full despite their size. So often with an ample bust, there tends to be a… certain amount of padding on the abdomen, not that this is a bad thing. Hailey, however, managed to maintain an absolutely tiny waist whose toned curves boasted not an ounce of fat, and she maintained it through daily exercise and a winning ticket in the genetic lottery. As if that was not enough, her sleek flat stomach gave way to wide hips and an ass that just screamed: “bite me”.

That she was lust incarnate was bad enough, I would have been safe with a beautiful girl, hell a goddess, if only she had been underage. After all, I signed up through a high school, and I expected to be getting a high school student! Someone preferably around the age of 16. Never in my darkest nightmares, but maybe in my fantasies, had I expected that they would send me her, a 19-year-old nympho.

In retrospect, I think her parents may have funded her term abroad so they could get her out of their hair and keep her from becoming a mother at an early age. Because god knows, she was a handful, and I mean that in more ways than one…

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