Anniversary Lovin’

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The man grew deeply anxious as he continued to search for a gift for the year which would mark the fifth anniversary with his woman. He had spent the day asking his for their opinions, but to no avail they had given him the obvious. Jewelry. Flowers. Chocolate.

He shook his head impatiently, leaning his head back as he exhaled in exasperation. The man chuckled to himself as he recalled how his best friend had offered the idea of buying his woman a new .

“Are you out of your damn mind?” The man hollered in response. “Last I checked, money doesn’t grow on trees. If I could give her anything just with the snap of my fingers I would, but it’s clearly impossible with the new Mercedes I recently bought.”

“I hear you, but it seems to me maybe you’re thinking too hard on this. Just keep it simple, she’ll appreciate the gesture, trust me,” his best friend stated confidently. “Relax and it’ll come to you.”

The man huffed irritatingly. “Yeah, you’re right. Must be the pressure getting to me. Thanks for the tip, I’ll think of something before the day ends. I’ll talk to you another time,” the man sighed before he hung up.

With no luck, he drove towards his home reluctantly, fearful of how the situation would unravel before the end of the night. As he parked the car into the garage, the man sensed something had changed. Initially, he couldn’t put his on it as he gathered his belongings out of the car and closed the door, locking it behind him. Scrunching his eyebrows, he stood still and listened.

Suddenly, the man realized the usual raucous coming from the house while his woman exercised every evening wasn’t present. Just silence, causing the man to creep towards the door.

With caution, he opened the front door slowly and immediately he was engulfed by the aroma of roses.

What the hell is going on? the man pondered in disbelief.

Before he could summon his woman, his eyes brushed past a piece of folded paper near the door. Striding towards it, he leaned forward and picked it up swiftly. Once he managed to unfold the paper to read the contents, a broad smile across his face.

Follow the trail of roses, no questions asked, it read.

The man examined his surroundings for the trail, discovering several roses had been tossed on the ground, leading up the stairs. He complied with the woman’s orders as he walked beside the petals, his curiosity heightening with each step he took.

As he reached near the closed bedroom door, the trail ended completely. A dim noise could be heard as the man began to hear soft music playing from the inside. Slowly turning the doorknob, he entered the bedroom. What he witnessed next made his steps come to a complete stop.

For on the bed was a heart shaped with the red roses, candles softly illuminating the entire room, producing a romantic glow as well as two crystal glasses with a bottle of champagne sitting on a tray. White chocolate covered strawberries were also placed on the tray, waiting to be nibbled on and enjoyed.

His eyes caught sight of another note, drawing him towards it. As he opened the message, it read, “Remove all clothing except for your briefs.”

Bewildered by yet another command, he silently did what he was told and patiently waited for what was to come next. After about a minute or so, the master door slowly opened and out strode his . One glance over her firm body and his eyes began to strip her right before him, his member straining against his briefs.

Tonight, she decided to wear his favorite color. Red. As she swayed her hips, the man glimpsed a laced, lingerie set slightly hidden by her silk robe paired with red bottom Louboutin. The man noticed her amusement as a sly smile appeared on her face, certain she had captivated his attention. Taking quick strides towards her, he reached out just before the woman shot her hands up, signaling him to stop.

“No,” she raised her voice, “sit back down.”

The woman challenged him with her eyes, defeatedly obeying her once again. She sauntered to the radio, switching the music to set the mood. Strolling towards him, she perched herself on top of his lap.

“Get ready, love,” she whispered into his ears, before slipping her tongue out, licking his earlobe.

A low could be heard from the man as it escaped through his lips. The woman lifted herself off and began to , revealing her thick curves as the robe slipped off her shoulders. She swiftly turned around, his focus growing on her round backside. The urge to touch her became unbearable as his hand reached out, an inch away from her backside before she quickly slapped his hand away.

“Be patient,” the woman demanded. “You’ll get your turn.

Before the man could protest, she gyrated her hips to the music, bending low and slow then rising to move seductively. He was suddenly caught in a trance, yearning to be closer except he was told not to move a muscle.

Damn her, he thought in frustration. She knows how much this is killing me.

The more she danced, the more he anticipated to aggressively slam inside her. Finally she grew closer to the man, kneeling down near his manhood.

“Allow me to taste you,” she stated provocatively, a glint of wickedness hidden in her brown eyes.

The man inhaled slowly, closing his eyes as he quickly sent his gratification to the universe for giving him a loving woman such as she. She slipped off his briefs as his erection swiftly stuck out, begging to be shown attention. The woman stroke it slowly, bringing her head down while tracing her tongue up and down the length of his shaft.

“You’re going to drive me mad,” he growled, curling his fingers into her hair.

Glancing up towards the man, she slipped every inch inside her mouth and drew it in. Back and forth. Back and forth. Her soft hands continued to circle his member as she thrusted up and down, causing her rhythm to quicken. The man’s thighs tensed up as he gripped the sheets underneath, his toes curling from the immediate pleasure traveling throughout his body.

The woman’s hands found his jewels, massaging them gently as she brought her head up and down his member. As she leaned back, she slowly placed his erection in her mouth once again, lowering her head until the length slid down her throat. His breathing became more rapid and after a few seconds, he exploded, not being able to contain himself any longer.

Swallowing every drop, the woman rose up and steadily removed the rest of her clothing. With her secret place only a few inches away, the man noticed her secretions had slipped out, spread throughout her inner thigh. He desperately craved to have a taste of his own, but the woman had made it clear she was in charge tonight.

Laying him down on his back, she placed herself above him.

“You’re going to hate me for this,” she chuckled.

Just when he opened his mouth to question her, she lowered herself, stroking in and out slowly. Before she reached the head of his shaft, she thrust herself back down again. He hissed inwardly when he felt how soaked her secret place had become.

Carelessly, he gripped her by the waist and shoved himself inside, making her sit on every inch of him. The woman shrieked, slapping the man across his face.

A crooked smile spread across the man’s face.

“Rough, I see.”

He stroked inside, his erection growing as he rapidly pounded her opening, her bouncing about wildly. The woman gripped his neck tightly, bringing herself herself up and down as she kept up with the man’s pace. As she went up, she stopped short of where his head was then slipped down, squeezing her walls around him even tighter. Making circles around his manhood, the man’s grip tightened around her full waist, pushing her in deeper.

A few minutes later, he felt her body tremble as she burst on his shaft.

“You promised me my turn,” he stated.

A crooked smile appeared on her face as he gently flipped the woman on her stomach. She reached out for his hands, intertwining her fingers with his as she guided his hard rock deep within her soaked opening. He penetrated back and forth, picking up speed as he slammed against her bottom.

The candles casted their dark shadows against the wall as his hips rose away from her then down to stroke inside again. The slight breeze from the open balcony doors lightly caressed their perspired skin causing chills to flow through their body. The woman began to chant the man’s name repeatedly, driving him over the edge. He bit her shoulder softly, placing gentle kisses on the same spot afterwards.

“My love,” she whispered in her alluring voice. “Happy Anniversary. I love you.

This caused his rhythm to falter slightly as he inhaled deeply. Although he heard those sweet words everyday, he knew he wouldn’t grow tired of it.

“I love you too,” he whispered genuinely.

As if in good timing, he exploded once again and a few seconds afterwards, she did the same. He then held her tight in his arms, thankful to spend yet another year of his marriage with the woman he considered as his Queen.


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