Sister Wives

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Sister WivesSister wives, the name had not meant much to them before now. They had agreed, together, before their god and their congregation that they would share all things, including their husband.

Things had worked pretty well for quite awhile. One of them would share his bed one night, and then the other would share it the next. Janet had tried not to be jealous that her husband was pumping his into another woman every other night, tried to love her sister with all of her heart. But things had changed when they had both announced that they were pregnant at the same time. Instead of taking turns they started sharing a bed. Instead of sharing a they were both expected to be abstinent, as their husband abhorred the thought of having with a pregnant woman. After all was about procreation not about enjoyment, so there was no point in having with a woman who was already pregnant, or at least that was how he thought.

Fuck I am so god damn horny” Janet thought to herself. Her pussy was wet all the time now, a combination of her not getting any and the pregnancy hormones which had seemed to amp up both sex drives.

All she could do was lie in bed next to her sister wife and try not to touch her aching pussy. She was on the very edge of sleep when she felt it, the gentle caress of a hand on her thigh. At first she assumed that it was an accident, that her sister wife had just brushed against her in her sleep. But the touch lingered. More than that, it started moving… down between her legs.

“Lisa! What are you doing!” Janet whispered furiously

“Shhh… I know you are as horny as I am… just enjoy it…” responded the silken voice of her sister wife.

“But… we will get in trouble…” Janet started to protest. However her protest was cut short as the questing fingers reached the wet lips of her pussy and delved inside of them.

“There… doesn’t that feel nice?” Lisa whispered

Janet said nothing, softly in response to the insistent questing of her sister wives fingers. The fingers slipped inside the lips of her pussy, thrusting deep inside her. Janet bit back a lewd moan of pleasure, desperate not to be caught in their illicit tryst. Her lack of further protest seemed to encourage Lisa and she explored Janet’s body with her other hand. Softly but firmly she caressed Janet’s body, her hand cresting the peak of her pregnant, swollen belly before cupping so recently made full of milk.

Janet reached out in the dark, her hands finding the other womans body, and pulled her body tight against hers. The other womans fingers continued their task, the intruding digits buried deep inside her pregnant . Until, all at once, Janet felt a pressure building inside of her. A sensation she had never felt before, a sweeping, all encompassing pleasure, radiated out from her pussy and obliterated everything in its path. Janet’s body shook and thrashed in the dark of their shared bedroom as her swept through her.

Afterwords they lay entwined in each other’s arms, their swollen bellies resting against each other, and Janet panted and puffed. She was not sure what had just happened, as nothing like that had ever happened having sex with their husband, but she knew one thing for sure. For the she truly loved her sister wife.

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