Gviltymind – About

By Stephanie Goncalves|January 31, 2016||

Gviltymind   First Name: Stephanie Last Name: Goncalves Nickname: Gviltymind Bio I remember the first time I started writing. It came to me easily during a creative writing class in high school and while others had difficulty in doing the work, my imagination ran wild. By the end of the class, I had finished my first short story. Years later, I would come to realize which genre captivated me the

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Nox661 – About

By Luke Ashwood|July 23, 2015||0 comments

Nox661   First Name: Luke Last Name: Ashwood Nickname: Luke Role: Site Administrator         Bio About Me: I am a graduate student who writes as one form of expression. I have a loving wife who is equally as kinky as I am and above all else I write for her, the stories are our fantasies. I started this site as a way to spread my work to

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