The Spa: Part 03

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The : Second Day

Laura wondered out of her room, heading to the place where the yoga had been conducted the previous morning. But she found it abandoned this day.  She was just pondering what she would do instead when the small shy woman from the day before found her.

“Miss Laura?” She said “I was sent to find you and take you to your morning treatment…” It was clear that she was still nervous that Laura was mad at her after what had happened the previous day.

“Is this one going to hurt too?” Laura asked warily.

“No ma’am, You should enjoy this one, especially after being enhanced yesterday” The woman said nervously.

“…Alright, but I am going to be pissed if you are lying to me…” Laura said

The woman led her to another treatment room. This room was filled with large machines of unclear purpose and centered around a bed which was complete with straps like the intake bed had been.

“You are going to strap me down again huh?” Laura asked

“Yes, I promise that this will not hurt, the straps are just to keep you safe.” The woman reassured her.

Laura allowed herself to be strapped to the bed, trusting the woman with her fate. The woman stepped over to some sort of control panel and started pressing buttons, causing the machine to whirl to life.

Two long, narrow arms extending from one machine, a set of soft brushes attached to its tips, which spun rapidly. The woman manipulated some levers and the brushes rested against her , the soft bristles stimulating her enhanced and causing them to stiffen in arousal.

Next another long arm extended, this one appearing to have a moistened cylindrical sponge attached to its end. This arm settled between Laura’s legs, scrubbing at the sensitive skin of her vagina and stimulating her enhanced clit.

Laura writhed under the machine’s delicate stimulation, but was unable to move due to the bonds which held her tight. She moaned, cumming quickly thanks to her enhancements. But the machine, and its operator took no notice of her climax.

More long arms emerged from the machine and more stiffly bristled brushes started to spin, working their way back and forth over the flat expanse of her stomach. Lastly a pair of abrasive sponges emerged to spin against the soles of her feet.

The combined stimulation of the immense machine was utterly overwhelming, and Laura was like putty in its hands. The stimulation over her clit and nipples caused her to cum repeatedly, while the young woman watched her, her own fingers between her legs, although Laura was unaware of this fact.

Laura moaned and cried, brought to climax time and time again, each time the machine continuing without mercy. Pleasure and pain mixed again, as it had in the enhancement process, as her body was pushed to its limits.

Just as Laura was starting to grow concerned that she might lose her grip on her sanity under the machines indifferent touch the brushes and sponges started to withdraw. She was left on the table, panting heavily, her heart racing in her chest. She was allowed to rest at last as the woman worked on shutting down the machine, each lever and arm returning to its previous position.

Well” thought Laura “She was right… I did enjoy that…”

Laura shoveled down food, eager to find out what other options the spa offered. After the activities of the previous day, along with the odd machines that they had used on her earlier, she had no idea what to expect next.

She was not sure what the purpose of the machines from earlier were but they had left her skin smooth and clean in a way that she had never been before. Every single pore was open and every flake of dead skin removed. She also had no idea that being exfoliated could be so… arousing. She had already cum what seemed like a million times and the day was not even half over yet.

She finished her breakfast and wandered off through the building, nodding politely to a few of the staff members that she recognized from the day before. Although she could kind of accept why she wasn’t permitted to wear clothing, something about the spa being a place to be free with oneself, she wasn’t sure why the staff didn’t wear any clothing.

It must make getting dressed for work much easier” she thought, barely managing to suppress a poorly timed giggle at her wry observation. She had never really been into girls before, and not counting the previous day, and a drunken night in college, she had never done anything sexual with a girl before. Still, she had to admit (to herself if to no one else) that she enjoyed seeing all the staff members. The spa did an excellent job at recruiting their staff, each one more beautiful than the last. All of the bare and firm buttocks really turned her on.

“Ah, there you are Laura, I have been looking all over for you” a voice said, intruding on her musing.

Laura looked up, taken by surprise by the sudden voice, she had been so lost in her own mind that she had not noticed the spa owner approaching her.

“Oh, hello! You were looking for me?” Laura asked, she was confused about why the owner of the spa would be looking for her of all people.

“Yes, since you are our only guest here today, I wanted to treat you to a special treatment. It is one of a kind I assure you…” she said, smiling widely.

Laura was slightly uncomfortable about the predatory look in the other womans smile, but she figured that it was not as if they would harm a paying guest… would they?

“Alright…” Laura answered nervously.

Taking Laura by the arm the other woman led her along a forested path, weaving along what appeared to be an access path for the grounds keepers. Unlike the other paths that were clad in smooth, evenly spaced pavers, this path was all rough gravel and heavily shaded by the surrounding trees which screened the rest of the spa from sight. Just as Laura started to worry that she was being taken somewhere dark and secluded for some nefarious reason they arrived at their destination, a small but well made outbuilding.

Unlike the rest of the spa, that was grand to the point of being over the top, the small outbuilding as a simple construction of stone and wood, looking well made and kept up, but with a simplistic touch that strongly implied that this part of the facility was not intended for guests.

“Where are we?” Laura asked hesitantly.

“Oh don’t worry, this is our training center, it is where we do our staff orientations and hold our meetings. This is a very special place that few guests every get to see, you should consider yourself lucky.” Alice said, she hustled Laura through the door to the building and down a side hall into a dark room and closed the door behind them before Laura had a chance to do anything more than follow along behind her mutely.

They stood in the dark for a second while Alice groped for the light switch.

As light illuminated the small, cramped room Laura was confused. A series of cupboards surrounded…

A chair…

But not a chair like any Laura had ever seen before. Massive and constructed of bright polished steel the chair had restraints built into nearly every surface. Although it was heavily padded it looked like it could easily restrain an elephant. Before she knew what was happening Alice pressed her into the chair, snapping closed the first few restraints before Laura thought to protest.

“Hey! What are you doing?!” Laura exclaimed in surprise.

“Don’t worry, being restrained is part of the procedure, just relax and enjoy it… Because at this point you aren’t going anywhere anyway…” Alice said smugly.

With ruthless precision Alice set about securing Laura to the chair, with the grace and deftness of movement that spoke of a great deal of practice Alice secured every restraint. Try as she might Laura could do little more than protest, thick leather straps secured her wrist, forearm, ankle, and thigh to the chair. Another strap was secured just under her breasts and cinched tight, pressing her back against the rigid frame of the chair. Lastly a strap encircled her throat, preventing her from even turning her head more than a fraction of an inch.

“Please… let me go…” Laura pleaded.

“Hmmm… cant having you distracting me while I work.” Alice mused ignoring Laura’s pleas.  She moved over to one of the cabinets, rummaging through it before emerging with a bright red ballgag. She roughly forced the ball between Laura’s jaws, causing her to grunt in displeasure and shock, before securing it tightly behind Laura’s head.

“Ah, much better.” Alice said, she smiled to herself and set about double checking all the bindings to make sure that they were secured properly.

Laura sat quietly, not bothering to plead through the thick rubber that forced her jaws apart. Already a stream of drool dribbled out of her mouth, running down her jaw and over her breasts. Laura cringed at the indignity of drooling on herself, but the rendered her helpless to do anything else.

“Well, shall we get started?” Alice asked “Don’t worry, the question was rhetorical…” she finished smiling.

Reaching behind Laura she manipulated a crank concealed in the back of the chair. Previously hidden gears turned as the chair forced Laura’s legs apart, exposing the smooth lips of her pussy to her captor. Laura would have hung her head in shame at having her most precious place exposed in such a way, but even that was denied her by the cruel restraints.

Alice continued her work, again returning to one of the cabinets she returned with a massive vibrator. Reaching down between Laura’s legs she attached the vibrator to a slot that was clearly designed for it, allowing her to place the wide, thick head firmly against Laura’s cunt. Alice flicked the switch and the vibrator roared to life. Powerful vibrations pulsed through Laura’s body and any thought of resisting, or even that she had wanted to resist a second before, were erased from her mind.

Laura moaned loudly as her body responded to the stimulation of the vibrator, her cries muffled by the bright red gag. She subconsciously tried to grind her hips against the vibrator’s head, her motion cut short by the binding of the restraints. She growled in animal frustration as her movements were restained.

Alice stood and watched her for a moment, enjoying the show as Laura surrendered to the chair.

Laura climaxed powerfully under the chairs powerful vibrations, convulsing within her bindings, but the vibrator took no notice of her release, continuing to assault her cunt with unceasing force. Another and another orgasm rocked through her body, ripped from her almost against her will by the powerful vibrations.

“I think it is time for phase two, don’t you?” Alice asked, her voice obscured by the vibrators noise. She reached into the cabinet again, this time returning with a long, thick dildo at the end of a long shaft which was attached to a motor of some sort. Even lost as she was in the haze of pleasure that the vibrator brought Laura cringed at the size of the dildo. Massive and thick she had never had something so large inside of her before. She tried to protest but between the gag and the vibrator any attempt was lost.

Alice manipulated the attachment on the vibrator, moving it up so that while the head was still in contact with Laura’s clit, the opening to her tight little cunt was exposed. She attached the motor of the machine to another slot in the chair, fiddling with some knobs as she adjusted the dildo until the bulbous tip rested just outside of Laura’s pussy. Flipping a switch the machine whirred to life, the head of the dildo pressing against Laura’s sopping wet cunt.

Laura thanked the gods that the vibrator had been used first, because without the lubrication that her successive orgasms had provided, the dildo’s penetration might well have split her in half. The dildo pressed into her, the bindings of the chair preventing any retreat before the massive silicone phallus as it forced its way inside of her. Until, at last, it was all the way in. Slowly at first, and then with gathering speed the mechanized cock worked its way in and out of her cunt with clockwork precision.

She moaned again.

As the machine worked away at fucking her, the initial pain started to lessen, and then disappear at last, to be replaced by pleasure. Although she knew she would be sore later, there was no way such a massive cock would not leave her sore, at the moment it was ecstasy like none she had ever experienced before.

Laura’s eyes snapped back into focus when she heard a that did not originate from her. Alice stood off to one side, leaning against the cabinet that line the wall. Her legs spread wide to expose the engorged lips of her cunt she lewdly slipped first one, and then two fingers inside of herself. As their eyes met, both set glazed by passion, Alice smiled widely. Her free hand slipped up to paw at her breast, twisting her own nipple savagely. She moaned again, clearly aroused by the show in front of her as well as her own less than tender touch.

Another in a line of countless orgasms rocked through Laura’s body. She had already lost count of how many times she had cum in the chair, her muscles sore and bunched from fighting against the bindings.

Alice moaned loudly, bringing herself deftly to climax in front of her helpless guest. After pausing a moment to regain her footing she at last took pity on Laura. Switching off first the dildo, and then the vibrator. Laura sagged against her restraints in relief.

“You enjoyed that more than you thought you were going to, didn’t you?” Alice asked.

“Yesh” Laura managed to utter through the gag that still forced her jaws apart. She was surprised, even though she had been scared at first, there was something freeing about not being able to resist, to being held completely at another person’s mercy. The chair was a powerfully erotic experience unlike any she had ever had before. Pain and pleasure had mixed in a way that she had never thought possible before.

Alice went through the steps of releasing Laura, undoing the straps until, at last, Laura was able to stand. She would have promptly collapsed had Alice not been there to catch her.

“Careful, cumming that many times is to make your legs weak, just take a moment.” She said.

When at last she was able to stand they exited the building. Laura thanked her profusely for the experience as they walked along the path back to the main facility before parting ways.

Laura’s pussy ached, the pain radiating up her body. She was completely wore out from the last treatment, her muscles sore with the force of her orgasm from being restrained in the char.

She walked randomly through the facility. Even though it was her second day here and she had spent every second of it without clothing she still wasn’t used to being naked in public, a point that was driven home for her again when a particularly voluptuous staff member passed her, giving her an appraising look.

Struck with the realization that what she really needed to relax her right now was a .

She headed out on to the patio where a toned young sat lounging in a chair, basking in the sun beside a massage table as she waited for a client.

“Ummm… can I get a massage?” Laura asked timidly

“Oh! I am sorry! I didn’t see you there, I kind of forgot anyone was here… I haven’t had a thing to do all day.” The young woman responded. “To be honest I was kind of… well taking a nap… But I would be happy to give you a massage!” The woman responded happily

Laura appraised the young masseuse, the pretty young thing couldn’t be a day over 22, and where Laura and the lush fullness that could only come with maturity the masseuse had the sleek lines and toned form of youth.

Laura stretched out on the table, sighing contentedly as the young professional practiced her craft.

In no time at all Laura found herself almost dozing in the afternoon sun, the vivacious blondes hands expertly finding the sources of her stress, isolating every sore muscle and coaxing it into relaxation. Slowly the hands drifted down her body, starting at her shoulders and working their way down her back.

Her dozing was instantly, and abruptly, ended when the first slipped into her pussy. However where the last attended had been rough, almost to the point of carelessness, the young blonde was gentle and enticing.

Laura bit back a moan as another finger slipped into her cunt. With all the skill that she had practiced with her other muscles the young masseuse coaxed the soreness from her pussy, bringing moisture and desire back into her. A moan escaped her mouth despite her best efforts as the young woman found her g-spot, and with short deft thrusts brought her quickly to climax. Laura shuddered on the table, the throes of passion causing her to cease her efforts at restraint.

As her first orgasm passed Laura rolled over, turning eyes filmed over with lust onto her young benefactor. She pulled the girl into the circle of her arms, their bodies pressing against each other. Although she yelped in surprise she made no effort to free herself from Laura’s embrace, her body melting against the older woman. Their lips met and their tongues hungrily battled, each striving for dominance against the others.

Laura reached up and groped at the younger woman’s small, firm breasts, eliciting a moan. Her fingers found the nub of her nipple, deftly rolling it between her fingers. Although Laura did not consider herself an expert with the fairer sex, the other woman shuddered and gasped under her touch. Made bold by the younger woman’s evident enjoyment Laura’s fingers drifted lower, brushing against muscles toned and tightened by long hours of hard work, until she found the cleft between her legs. Laura was surprised by how wet the girls pussy already was, marveling at her evident desire as she slipped in index and middle finger inside. The woman moaned loudly in her ear as her cunt stretched to accept Laura’s intruding digits. Laura mirrored the other woman’s earlier move, short deft fingers striking at her g-spot and quickly eliciting an orgasm.

As Laura withdrew her fingers from the younger girl all pretense at a normal massage was abandoned as the girl climbed on top of her. Laura cupped the girl’s small firm ass, pulling the other woman tight against her body, their mouths again meeting.

The other woman wedged a knee between Laura’s legs, and she obediently spread them. The younger girl started to grind against her, rubbing her pussy against Laura’s. Laura moaned at the stimulation, and then moaned again as a warm, wet mouth surrounded her nipple, the rough texture of a tongue flicking against the sensitive nub. The combination of the young woman’s eager mouth on her nipple and smooth young cunt grinding against Laura’s was to much for her to take. She shuddered again as another orgasm, already one in a long uncounted line since the day began, washed over her.

The other woman’s moans joined her own as they set off in simultaneous orgasm. At last, as their shudders faded, the girl collapsed against her. Breathing heavily she rested, nestling into the crook of Laura’s arm.

“You are amazing” Laura sighed “After how many times I have already cum today I didn’t think anything short of god could get me wet again. But not only did you get me wet, you got me off!”

The other woman giggled at Laura’s appreciation. “Hey, that’s what they pay me for after all” she said.

Laura grunted a sleepy acknowledgement at the girl’s response. The activities of the day were taking their tole on her and she found that she could no longer fight against the pull of heavy eyelids. She smiled sleepily as the other woman snuggled against her, the pointed nipples of her small, firm breasts pressing against Laura’s bare skin. At last she could fight it no more and slipped into peaceful oblivion.


Laura emerged from her room to a waiting staff member, who informed her that it was time to start the checkout procedures. She was unsurprised that there was a procedure to be initiated when exiting the spa, given how many other weird policies the spa had.

She was escorted to a small glass booth. After being ushered in she noticed that there were restraints above her head and at her feet. Again she was unsurprised by this development, obediently positing in her arms and legs so that they could be easily secured by the staff member who had escorted her in.

Now properly secured the staff member left and joined a gather of staff that was standing just outside the glass booth. Laura recognized many of the staff members who had serviced her during her time in the facility.

Large nozzles descended from above, causing Laura to cringe in surprise as powerful jets of warm water exploded unexpedly from them, soaking her from head to feet in an instant. After a moment the jets ceased and an alternate set of nozzles sprayed her with a thick soap. Long mechanical arms, not unlike those of the large machine Laura had enjoyed previously, emerged from above, spinning sponges on their heads. With systematic efficiency the machine worked on her naked body, the sponges scrubbing and scouring her body as the group of staff watched her being cleaned.

After they had worked from her feet up to her neck, pausing an embarrassingly long time on her pussy and breasts, the arms withdrew and she was treated to another blast of warm water, rinsing what remained of the soap from her body.

At this point Laura expected the nozzles to withdraw so she could be released, but instead another coating of soap emerged, followed again by the sponges. This process was repeated several times, until Laura was sure she must sparkle from being so clean.

At last the nozzles withdrew and a staff member entered and freed her from the restraints. Laura was escorted from the room and taken back to the intake room she had been placed in initially, what seemed like a lifetime ago.

Laura sighed sadly as she gathered up her positions and got dressed. After a weekend being nude having clothes on felt odd, and her bra felt tight and binding.

Although she had been nervous about being naked in front of some many women when she had arrived her, by the time she was done it had felt about as natural as could be.

“I trust that you had a good time?” Alice asked from behind her.

“Oh yes! That was the best weekend I have had in a loooong time. I have never felt so refreshed and so… satisfied in my entire life.” Laura gushed

“I am glad that you enjoyed it, all of the staff spoke positively about your participation so we would be more than happy to have you back again in the future.” Alice said.

“Oh don’t worry, I will be back!” Laura assured her.

Gathering her things she headed out to the waiting taxi, which had arrived a few minutes before to take her back to the airport.

As she watched the marvelous building fade away behind her she vowed that this would not be her last trip to the fabulous spa, this was only the beginning…


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